Texas is growing.  Building and maintaining Texas highways and other public assets, including water resources, remains an absolute priority.

Jon Cocks, Candidate for TX-HD89


Education & Property Tax Relief

Overall, I believe the last Legislative session took a modest, first step in acknowledging a funding issue exists and providing the beginning of a solution. My wife is an educator and I have two kids who are still in public schools. I understand the fear and the struggles that our teachers and students go through.  For Texas to appropriately address education funding, we must take a hard look at what Texas taxes to raise revenue. This includes revamping our formulas used to calculate taxes, increasing teacher salaries to allow them a dignified sense of living, and supporting our teachers after they retire. Education is the most important part of our civil society and we must remember that the quality of education will reflect how much we invest in it.


The Texas economy is doing great. In order to ensure it stays great, we must take the proper steps needed to make our workforce happy. Texas must become a state where workers can feel safe and like they have rights. The unfortunate truth is Texas is becoming more expensive and we must ensure that economic conditions for workers are being monitored as well. That is why I support a $15 minimum wage, efficient mass public transit, affordable housing in cities and suburbs, and affordable childcare options for working parents.

Environmental Action

Like so many generations before us, Texas should use the growing threat of the climate crisis as an opportunity. This opportunity could be used to expand solar and wind power and make Texas the permanent leader in the nation and thus the world. By investing into our renewables, not only will we be providing high-quality jobs for our residents, but we will be providing for the next generation and ensuring they can enjoy the same livable conditions as we do.

First, Texas must adopt expanded Medicaid, which was provided for in the Affordable Healthcare Act. Texas is being shortsighted by not taking additional healthcare funding from the federal government to help our own. Next, instead of relying on primary care physicians, Texas must increase the supply of primary care nurse practitioners and physician assistants by increasing the availability of the required training programs at state universities. Texas must have affordable healthcare for its citizens.

Gun Safety Reform

While I support the second amendment, unfortunately, many Texans no longer feel safe in their communities, schools or churches.  Arming more Texans does not make us safe. Nor does the increasingly easy access to guns and ammunition. There must be a mandatory “cooling off” period between the time a gun is purchased and when possession occurs so a mandatory comprehensive background check can be completed.  We know assault-style weapons are not hunting weapons, nor are they necessary for one’s personal or family’s security. I support mandatory mental health & criminal background checks, a mandatory cooling-off period, and looking at banning assault-weapons.

Voting Rights

While Texas must continue its vigilance, we must also acknowledge election fraud is not a problem. Voting is a responsibility of citizenship, maintaining easy access to voting is a priority.  Easily accessible election centers in all communities is a must as is access to voter registration opportunities. Keeping electronic ballots secure and having a paper back-up so all votes are counted and can be verified is a priority.  Increasing emphasis on election cybersecurity and supporting local election administrators are also priorities.    

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